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Anger Management Counseling

Unresolved anger can tear families apart, cause job stress or job loss, ruin relationships, and create serious legal problems. Frank is a highly experienced certified anger management therapist who will help you learn appropriate ways of expressing your feelings of anger.

Frank provides anger management therapy for people of all ages from young children to seniors; he is especially well known for his rapport with angry adolescents. As well, he has an excellent reputation within the criminal justice system as a very effective anger management therapist.

In six to eight one-hour private sessions, you will learn how to identify anger "triggers," understand your feelings, and communicate better and without anger in personal and business relationships. If you use the skills you are learning, you will notice a positive difference in your behavior after just two sessions.

If needed, upon completion of required sessions a certificate will be issued for proof of attendance to satisfy referrals for anger management through the courts, probation, employers, etc.

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