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Pornography Addiction Test

Check the statements below that apply to you:

  • Do you consistently fail to resist impulses to view pornography?
  • Do you indulge in extensive/longer viewing of pornography than intended?
  • Do you make on-going but unsuccessful efforts to stop, reduce, or control viewing pornography?
  • Do you spend an inordinate amount of time obtaining pornography, viewing pornography, and/or being sexual -- either through masturbation, with another person or object, or recovering from sexual experiences?
  • Do you find yourself feeling preoccupied with sexual fantasies, sexualized thoughts, and/or preparation for viewing pornography?
  • Does viewing pornography take significant time away from obligations: occupational, academic, domestic or social?
  • Do you continue to view pornography despite the negative consequences?
  • Do you find you need more frequent or intense pornography over time to obtain the desired result?
  • Are you deliberately limiting social, occupational, or recreational activities in order to make time for finding and viewing pornography?
  • Do you feel distress, restlessness or irritability if unable to view pornography?

The questions listed above, based on research by Dr. Patrick Carnes, PhD "Criteria for Pornography Addiction" are the most common signs to look for in assessing a pornography addiction. Answering yes to at least 3 of the above 10 questions could indicate a possible addiction to pornography.

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