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Self Test for Anger Issues

Check the statements that apply to you:

  • I become impatient easily when things do not go according to my plans.
  • I tend to have critical thoughts toward others who don't agree with my opinions.
  • When I am displeased with someone I may shut down any communication with them, or withdraw entirely.
  • I get annoyed easily when friends and family do not appear sensitive to my needs.
  • I feel frustrated when I see someone else having an "easier" time than I.
  • Whenever I am respsonsible for planning an important event, I am preoccupied with how I must manage it.
  • When talking about a controversial topic, the tone of my voice is likely to become louder and more assertive.
  • I can accept a person who admits his or her mistakes, but I get irritated easily at those who refuse to admit their weaknesses.
  • I don't easily forget when someone "does me wrong."
  • When someone confronts me with a misinformed opinion, I am thinking of my comeback even while they are still speaking.
  • I find myself becoming loud or aggressive even while playing a game for fun.
  • I struggle emotionally with the things in life that "aren't fair."
  • Although I realize that it may not be right, I sometimes blame others for my problems.
  • More often than not I use sarcasm as a way of expressing humor.
  • I may act kindly toward others on the outside, yet feel bitter and frustrated on the inside.
  • I often second guess another and interrupt before they've had a chance to finish what they were saying.

If you checked 4-8 items, your anger is probably more constant than you would like. If you checked 9 or more, there is a strong possibility you have struggled with periods of anger or rage, whether you are aware of it or not.

From "The Anger Workbook" by Dr. Les Carter and Dr. Frank Minirth

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