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Are you desperate to stop smoking?
Are you mentally ready?

Nicotine Fading in conjunction with Acudetox is an alternative approach to smoking cessation that has a growing number of converts. The treatment address the body’s physiological and psychological responses to quitting.

Nicotine Fading reduces nicotine in­take in a series of steps by having the smoker switch to cigarette brands with less and less nicotine. ( In number fading, the smoker continues to smoke his/her original brand but gradually reduces the number of cigarettes . Number fading has not proven very effective.)

AcuDetox is a 5-point auricular acupuncture treatment protocol established by the National Addiction and Detoxification Association (NADA).

Acupuncture is performed by placing 5 thin, sterilized needles into each ear. (In fact, acupuncture is often a court mandated treatment for drug addicts because of its ability to reduce cravings and alleviate withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, anxiety and difficulty concentrating.)

The two most commonly asked questions about AcuDetox are: Will the treatment hurt, and what should I expect or feel?

The first question is easy to answer. Yes, there may be some ear points that may hurt (pinching sensation) as the needle enters the skin, however, that soon disappears.

The second question is harder to answer. Every person is different and he/she will experience the AcuDetox treatment differently. Most feel calmer at some point during the treatment.

There are no side effects, and anyone with any health condition can safely receive this treatment.

SPECIAL NOTE: Frank Giardina holds a license for chemical dependency counselling and has a license from the Texas State Board of Medical Examiners to administer AcuDetox therapy.

Call 214-621-4677

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