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Tackling the Tough Skills™: Skills for Work and Life

Tackling the Tough Skills™is an innovat ive and highly interactive life skills program that helps hard-to-reach adults or teens prepare for success in work and life.

Skills Taught:
● Attitude ● Workforce preparation ● Critical thinking ● Responsibility ● Anger management ● Dealing with stress ● Communication ● Conflict resolution ● Teamwork ● Problem solving ● Self‐esteem.

Testimonials About Tackling The Tough Skills™

Female ex-offender participant:
“You get a lot out of it because it opens up your mind. Instead of thinking negative, you open up to positive, you know, thinking about steps you can take to make better decisions.” St. Louis, Missouri
Male ex-offender participant:
“The time I have been (in this class), it kind of strengthened my value system and made me appreciate people more. It made me
look at the bigger picture instead of just lookin’ at one side—my side—and other people’s opinions and values in life"

Educator, hard-to-reach audiences:
"This curriculum is great. There is nothing else out here like it. I want to use it all over the state of Alabama." Huntsville, Alabama

Tackling the Tough Skills™ was developed by Rosilee Trotta, Unive rsity of Missouri Extension.
To date, the curriculum has been purchased by organizations and individuals from all 50 states and 20 countries territories.

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